Three and Two

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Commissioned by the Minnesota Music Teachers Association

Every serious pianist needs to master polyrhythms involving three and two, because these rhythms appear with increasing frequency in repertoire beyond the intermediate level. The aim of this collection is to present the challenges to the early intermediate student in an entertaining and emotionally engaging way. For performance, the pieces make an attractive suite as a whole, or individual movements may be programmed.

A Hero's Tale
  2 against 3
  Full of drama and excitement

The Sun Dances the Sea
  Here the LH lays out the pulse of two with the three arising as melodic accents. Poetic and sensitive.

A Love Story
  3 and 2 as cross-hands accents. This is the most challenging piece in the collection, but almost hypnotic when mastered.

Mr. Basie Gets Silly
  3 against 2 Here the piano is treated as a big band, with the LH imitating a rather obnoxious bass player, and the RH block chords the saxes and brass. Peppered throughout are parodies of Count Basie's characteristic "licks."

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